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Always check a trades qualifications, insurances and reputation!

It’s so important to check a tradesperson’s qualifications and their reputation before you get them to do a job.

Here in Adelaide, South Australia, we are spoilt for choice for tradespeople either from a large company, franchise or sole trader. There are so many to choose from and it’s often confusing.

It’s amazing how many times we get called to a property where a previous owner, family friend or even current owner has attempted to do their own electrical work. Not only is this unsafe for them while sound the work but it can also be hazardous to your property and sometimes life threatening.

Before getting any trade to do work you check that they are licensed in South Australia through the public licensing register Or just simply ask that trade to show you their license.

It is also so important that you check that the trade has the appropriate insurances just in case something doesn’t go to plan at your property.

As well checking qualifications, licenses and insurances, we feel that it is so important to support a local where possible. When our clients trust in us to complete their electrical work, they can also trust that we will do what we can to give back to the local community.


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