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Cleaning your gutters this Winter!

While gutter cleaning is backbreaking work and involves an endless cycle of climbing up a ladder, then down, and up ladder again (and again, and again!), there is one thing that’s far worse! That is, the consequences of not cleaning your gutters!

Have you ever thought about where excess rainwater would travel if your gutters were blocked with leaves and debris, that it could not travel through your downpipes?

There are many reasons why you should clean your gutters regularly, at least twice a year. But from our electrical perspective, there are 2 main reasons, especially during winter.

Internal Damage

Usually rainwater that can’t travel through your gutters and downpipes, escapes over your gutters and into your walls or ceilings. Not only can this create structural issues over time, but it can also cause water to enter the back of electrical fittings, like light fittings or powerpoints.

External Damage

Excess rainwater can also flow over the front side of your gutters and rather than running into your home, it can run under your eaves and into external fittings.

In both cases, we would hope that you have a safety switch installed at your home because if water enters a fitting, the circuit would trip. If not, a fire could start because the presence of moisture can rapidly increase the current in the circuit causing the wire to heat.

So, two tips from us;

1. Clean your gutters this weekend!

2. And check your electrical meter to see if you have safety switches installed.

We hope you have found this useful and if we can help you with any electrical issues, then please reach out!


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