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Cook multiple meals at once!

Preparing and cooking meals each night can be stressful (eek what are we going to have?), chew into precious family time (pardon the pun!), but it also consumes lots of household energy!

On the other hand, cooking multiple meals at once helps with planning meals ahead and consumes less energy as you are not waiting for cooking appliances to reheat each time.

While your oven is already running and hot, why not cook a few things - maybe a pasta bake, a lasagna and some muffins, all of which can be frozen and eaten at a later date. While your cooktop is hot, why not boil a big pot of soup which can be frozen into smaller meals, a batch of pasta sauce and a stirfry!

When using your cooktop, we also suggest using lids to heat your pots, pans, and boil water quicker, and also reduce cook time.

We hope you have found these tips useful and if we can help you out with any of these energy saving solutions, than please reach out!


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