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Reassess your Lighting

With many of us spending more time at home due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are consuming more household energy than ever.

Below are a few tips to help with reducing your energy consumption around the home and potentially reduce your energy bill.

Tip 1

It is so obvious but also so easily forgotten - turn off your lights! We can help with the consumption of your external lights by installing motion sensors. The light will come off when motion is detected and automatically turn off when motion is no longer sensed. This means you don't have to remember to turn these lights off!

Tip 2

Install dimmers to lights. By installing dimmers, you are reducing the amount of electricity flowing to the globe and also increasing the globes lifespan. Dimmers also help to create mood lighting!

Tip 3

Make the switch from halogen lights to LEDs. LED downlights use up to 80% less than halogen globes and also last years longer.

Tip 4

Use task lighting. When working at a desk, for example, try to use a desk lamp rather than lighting the whole room. Or install a LED downlight over your kitchen sink on a separate switch so you can just turn on this one light when doing the dishes rather than lighting your whole kitchen.

We hope you have found these tips useful and if we can help you out with any of these energy saving solutions, than please reach out!


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