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Turn off unused appliances!

Energy saving tip of the week!

A lot of our appliances have standby modes. Even when they are turned off, these still use electricity. As a rule of thumb, if you can turn it “on” with a remote control then it is not “off”. If there is a little 'standby' light glowing, then its not really "off" either.

By unplugging these unused devices, we not only lower our electricity bill, we can contribute to helping the environment!

For example, your phone charger, when plugged into the wall, still draws energy even when your mobile phone is not connected, because when you plug your mobile phone in it simply start charging! Another great example is your electric toothbrush! The charger that sits on your bathroom bench always has a supply of electricity to is because when you put your toothbrush on top, it starts charging to!

Most microwaves have clock feature and that could be the reason people keep them plugged in. But really, if you wanted to know the time, do you look at the microwave? For a microwave that's plugged 24/7, the clock alone uses more electricity then running your oven for approximately 10 minutes, depending on the age of your oven and microwave of course.

Although one single appliance or device alone does not draw that much electricity on 'standby mode', households in general have around 40 appliances plugged in at any one time either in use or on 'standby mode'. This adds up!


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