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Using your heater this Winter

Winters seems to be getting colder and colder and longer and longer. Do you miss Summer already?!

Running your heater can be a huge expense during Winter so we have outlined a few tips to help with reducing your energy consumption around the home and potentially reduce your energy bill.

Tip 1

It is so obvious but also so easily forgotten - rug up before resorting to turning your heater on! \ It's tempting you walk around with the heater blaring in a t-shirt and shorts, reminiscing on the Summer just gone - but lets think about our energy consumption too!

Tip 2

Use floor rugs, throw rugs, cushions and pillows around your home. These items help to retain heat and make surfaces less cold!

Tip 3

Close your curtains and blinds to stop the warm air from escaping through your cold glass windows!

Tip 4

Close the doors to rooms that don't need heating like your laundry, bathroom and walk-in-robe. Bathrooms and laundries are particularly cold rooms as they usually always have tiles and glass - the coldest types of surfaces and they do not retain heat! Warm air always rises, and when you have rooms with exhaust fans (like your bathroom) the heat will escape through there rather than filling your bathroom. So shut these doors!

We hope you have found these tips useful and if we can help you out with any of these energy saving solutions, than please reach out!


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